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With the dawn of the new century, Peak Horizons LLC. of Logan, Utah celebrates the millennium with the introduction of the latest new version of The Peak System, PEAK II. Established in the summer of 1980, Peak Horizons, has always conquered every challenge in the quest to provide superior software products. Along the way, Peak Horizons has even leased and re-built a broadcast station in the development of its product line.


Early in 1980, a consulting and custom programming business, Rocky Mountain Software, the predecessor to Peak Horizons, approached a local broadcaster and began a relationship to provide a "custom" computer system including a program to replace their commercial scheduling system. At the time, the schedule or "log" was being prepared daily by hand. Considerable tedious effort was required to go through the "order book" from cover to cover and make sure that all commercials for the day were scheduled. Eventually the realization and completion of the specialized product was realized and the decision was made to continue the development of a commercially marketable product. Over the course of the next 3 years, the original version of The Peak System was refined and enhanced preparing it for small broadcast stations as a complete packaged solution. Computer system enhancements and supporting system tools were incorporated continually. Two complete revisions, one that provided for the differences between stations, the other provided consolidation of custom revisions along with a set of enhancements, were installed and supported before the product was marketed.


The original Peak System was introduced at the 1983 NAB Convention at Las Vegas and was soon recognized as a "great little system" for the price. Over the course of the next several years, The Peak System experienced steady growth and acceptance. At the height of the marketing and sales effort, The Peak System became one of the top 5 traffic and billing systems and was functioning in over 100 stations nationwide. In the midst of all of the effort required to operate a growing business the founder and chief programmer became exhausted. A decision was made to scale back the marketing and growth effort to a singularly manageable effort. Over the next decade The Peak System only sold word of mouth and was managed and grew accordingly.


In the late 80's a sale of The Peak System was briefly entertained but was dismissed with the decision to rewrite the program and shift over to a new language and introduce a new approach with new tools and talent. The fourth incarnation of the program was then created with all the advantages of cutting edge technologies included. Quickly the solid new product had replaced the older version to the rave reviews of existing stations and new stations alike. After a renewed marketing effort, growth of The Peak System leveled.


Peak Horizons then entered a new period of "Research and Development", a local "dark" station combo was leased and the goal of developing a "paperless station" was launched. After the successful development of ORE, our hard disk based satellite automation system, Peak Horizons then entered a grow as you go phase. The Peak System continued to perform flawlessly and the new ORE system was solid and performed well. Because of the solid performance and minimal effort in supporting the latest versions of the packages, the principles of Peak Horizons quietly continued its policy of word of mouth occasional sales along with other projects.


With the dawn of Windows 95 the computer industry entered a new era of programs, tools and ideology, Peak Horizons began designing major changes that would be required to effect a new Windows based version of The Peak System. The effort to redesign and change to the new methodology was embarked on and the next chapter of Peak Horizons began. In late 1998 the effort was accelerated. With the new design completed, Frenetic effort commenced on the coding and testing of the new version.


Now the new completely revised Windows version of Peak II is available. Joining Peak II is our new exciting Television product designed specifically for their needs at an affordable price! The radio system is also currently being offered as an upgrade to existing clients. Conversion programs are available to "convert" existing data from Original Peak as well as other vendors, into the new structures with a minimum of effort. Truly this next generation of PEAK II will provide the Optimal Radio Environment and the Optimal Television Environment. It is the best choice available in broadcasting software ever!


Now in our 25th year - Peak Horizons LLC., a privately owned Utah business with offices in Logan, Utah, is proud of our tradition and reputation that we have earned for solid products and broadcast solutions.